Inspiring blogs about working (better) with your colleague in the workplace.

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How to deal with someone crying at work

It can feel a little uncomfortable when someone cries at work. So what is the best thing to do? Telling him/her to stop crying is not the most empathetic response but doing nothing at all may not be helpful either. What is the best way to handle this kind of situation? In this blog, you’ll read about it.

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5 smart tactics to boost your 1-on-1 meeting

Every time it happens to you: your colleague or your manager interrupts you, is distracted or just waiting for their chance to bend the conversation to their will. They don’t listen to you. How do you address that?

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Having colleagues cutting corners? Here’s how to deal with that

I don’t think anyone enjoys picking up the work that your colleague has left for the umpteenth time. You’re dealing with colleagues who are cutting corners. So what is the best way to deal with that?

More assertive

How to resolve misunderstandings at work simply with good questioning

How conversational are you in resolving misunderstandings at work? Sometimes it costs you a lot of energy and annoyance. In this blog, I explain why asking good questions is super helpful to keep the conversation with your colleague/manager constructive.